A Superior Email Forwarding Service
Are you sick of wading through the raw sewage in your spam bucket,
looking for a few "false rejects" that might be important messages?  Are you
frustrated with the big email services that keep your inbox clean, but offer
no options on filtering, and hide problems with false rejects?

Join us in putting the burden of blocking spam back where it belongs, at the
source.  When you sign up with box67.com, you get an address you can
keep for life, precise control over how your mail is filtered, and membership
in a growing community of email recipients who will soon be a major force in
changing our Internet culture.  By allowing reputable senders to bypass the
spam filters, you and millions of other email recipients will send a clear
message to anyone operating a Public Mail Server - If you want reliable
delivery of your outgoing mail, you need to accept responsibility for what is
sent under your name.

Knowning the identity and reputation of senders is the key to restoring
email to what it once was - fast, reliable, and trusted communications for all
law-abiding citizens of the world.  The technology is ready.  Let's get

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