Email Sender's Identity Registration                 DRAFT 6-Apr-06

This registration is entirely voluntary. Your Internet Service Provider can publish a fully-functional authentication record in DNS (the Domain Name System), and we will find it the next time we check your ID.  Registration has some additional benefits for senders, including better control over abuse of your name and access to helpful notices and reports.


Your Sender's Identity


This must be a name already registered in the Domain Name System, and we must see responses from "postmaster@<name>" and "abuse@<name>".

Your Authentication Record

Use our handy webtool to construct a complete authentication record. You should also publish this as a TXT record in DNS at _auth.<Your Domain> If you are not able to publish an authentication record in DNS, we will send you weekly emails to confirm that this information is up to date.








Common Forgeries you wish to block:




These must also have valid "postmaster" addresses for confirmations. If you wish to block all use of your name, put "opt=stop:all" in the authentication record.

Contact Information

This information will be kept secure and not used for anything other than our notices and reports to you and contacting you in regard to this registration. The email address, once confirmed, will be used instead of your "postmaster" address.

Full Name:          [                                                         ]

Job Title:            [                                                         ]

Email:                 [                                                         ]

Phone:                [                                                   ]

Postal Address:   [                                                            ]

                            [                                                            ]

                            [                                                            ]

Notification and Reporting Options

       Forgery Attempts     [ X ]     Spam Statistics     [ X ]

We will send an email to the address above when we first see a forgery attempt from a particular sender, and a summary once per day if the abuse is repetitive. The statistics option generates a daily summary of spam sent using your Identity. See this example report for details.

Charitable Contribution

To prevent a flood of registrations by spammers, we ask that you make a contribution of $100 to an organization on our list. There are no other charges to senders. Your ID will remain in our Registry as long as it is active and not abused.

Changes will go into effect as soon as we get a reply to a confirmation email sent to the "postmaster" address for this identity.

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