You have been referred to this page because one of our Border Patrol mail receivers rejected a request from your transmitter at %(IP)s to send mail under a name %(DN)s that does not authorize sending mail from this address.

The Border Patrol MTA will not accept mail from unauthorized transmitters.  Please fix your DNS records.  Your mail server must pass at least one of our "3-strikes" tests:

a) PTR check.  The IP address of the transmitter must have a PTR record, AND the name from that record should have an A record with an address matching the transmitter's IP, AND the name in your HELO command must exactly match the name in the PTR record.
       - OR -
b) The name in your HELO command must have an A or an MX record validating the transmitter's IP.
       - OR -
c) The name in your HELO command must have an email authentication record authorizing the transmitter's IP.  Currently, we look for SPF, SenderID, or CSV records.

Note:  These requirements are much less strict than full RFC compliance.  See for a complete test of your DNS standards compliance.

See DNShelp for more information.

See Quick Fix for very brief instructions on setting up your transmitter.